This space is dedicated to empowering generational cycle breakers to confidently make decisions by unleashing the power of philosophy. 

I'm Dr. Louise

I'm a thinker, teacher, and philosophical counselor for generational cycle breakers.

My work helps you get out of fear and into confidence so that you can do your important cycle breaking work.

For the benefit of your life, your descendants, and the lives of all of us in this interconnected web of life. 

I know that our challenges are shaped by the patterns of our ancestors AND we have the power to shift those patterns. 

Let's create the world we want to live in 

Because we are

Thoughtful Cycle Breakers

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I believe in

  • Embracing your own expertise so that you can confidently create the change that you know you are capable of.  
  • Changing society through one powerful cycle breaker success at a time. 
  • Thoughtfully accelerating change so that cycle breakers can confidently pursue truth and justice for the better of us all. 

I believe in being a thoughtful cycle breaker

Here is the problem... 

Before we ever had the eyes to see it, we’ve been immersed in problematic cycles of behavior.

In other words, our ancestors set us up, whether knowingly or not, to continue behaviors today that just aren’t working for us.

The good news is that we do not have to accept the set up.

As folks with the eyes to see the problematic nature of these patterns, we have an amazing opportunity.

Instead of allowing our selves and our lineage to be consumed by these difficulties, we can exercise our own free will and choose to do something better.

Each and every one of us can help heal our collective well being by learning to identify, break, and replace these cycles.

And one of the world’s most ancient traditions - Philosophy - has the perfect toolkit to get the job done.

Cycle Breaking in the Workplace

Going against company norms, responding to your boss in different ways than your more senior colleagues, and teaching your peers new expectations can be a LOT. Learn how philosophy can help cycle breakers in the workplace on my LinkedIn.  

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Cycle Breaking at Home

Committing to making different choices than our ancestors can get particularly messy when it comes to everyday life in the home. Learn how philosophy can empower you to develop and sustain the cycles you want in your home over on my instagram. 

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Cycle Breaking as a Messy Human Being

None of us is perfect, and breaking cycles can be particularly messy. I explore how philosophy can help us through the chaos over on my podcast.

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