Tired of relying on social media posts to advance your healing from toxic people?

Ready for a big change?

Tired of feeling unsure if it's even possible to heal from these toxic people? Maybe your research helped you make some quick progress early on, but the typical advice just isn't working anymore?

I can help.

Let's get you some brand new tools to understand your experiences and start building the life that you really truly deserve. 

"Thanks to Louise I feel more capable and good about myself than ever before! I spent years seeking help from psychologists, therapists and coaches who didn’t believe my story, could not fully relate or who just didn’t care about me. I was so glad to find Louise because she gets it, she cares and she brought logic and focus into my chaotic, unstable life. I’m a work in progress but I’m so much closer to creating a life I thoroughly enjoy thanks to her help! "

Dana A.


Your social media feed is full of posts from psychologists and survivors focused on explaining what toxic people are all about. 

But what if the answer isn't in understanding toxic people?

But the answer really is about understanding YOU?

Because ultimately, your healing journey should be centered on what you want and need today and for years after your involvement with toxic people. You don't need a graduate level degree in psychology to better understand yourself!

The survivor community is constantly bombarded with new ways to understand who toxic people are.

You thought your healing journey would be complete once you fully understood how toxic people work...

... but now that you basically understand toxic people, you feel totally stuck. All of the facts didn't really tell you how to take care of YOU. 


"Dr. Louise was my coach for three months. At the start of our work together I was going through a difficult time processing some boundaries I set up with my family of origin (very new for me!) while also navigating the start of a new job with vivid fears and anxiety stemmed from my previous abusive work environment. By the end of our coaching, I was feeling more validated in my feelings and more empowered to take even more risks. I was also positively surprised to see how much people at the new job seem to respect me and the boundaries I set up, more so than ever before. I used to always try to go along with people, especially at work so as to not "shake the boat" trying to match their wants and needs, which I believe in turn led to my abuse in my previous job. I feel now more ok to say no or what I truly believe even if people might not like it, which to me always sounded impossible before. I think the key point there is that she really helped me realize that my experience is as valid as anyone's, especially if people seem to dismiss it and/or don't want to acknowledge it. I think anyone dealing with toxic people and having difficulty asserting their needs/feelings would benefit from working with her."

J. M.

Coaching with me means you get...

... a supportive, non-judgemental, highly focused partnership centered on: 

  • Helping you feel understood
  • Seeing your experiences in a new way
  • Building a life that fully honors your survivor identity

I do things differently though...

The experience looks like this: 

  1. Getting clear on where you are on your healing journey.
  2. Making you feel fully seen and understood the way only a fellow survivor could.
  3. Setting up systems that encourage listening to your needs over the toxic people.
  4. Establish intentional goals that will get you excited about the amazing toxic-free life you are working towards. 
  5. Receiving regular open and honest feedback from a fellow survivor.
  6. Exploring new ideas from the world's greatest thinkers when it serves your healing journey.
  7. Brainstorming together what your next steps should be and how you can realistically achieve them. 



Don't think of this as just another fancy healing tool...

Think of this as a partnership; A high-level support system with a fellow survivor with three decades of experience navigating toxic people. 

I have endured two toxic parents, a toxic ex-husband, and now a toxic mother-in-law. On my journey I have had a million conflicting feelings and made my fair share of mistakes. Today my mission is to use this wealth of experiences to work in true partnership with people just like you. 

Wouldn't it be nice to get some concrete support from someone who truly gets all the stuff you have been through?

"I did several philosophical counseling sessions with Dr. Louise. At the start of our work together I was unsure of some of the boundaries I was setting up with my family, and by the end I was not only sure they were the correct next steps but I felt validated. Now, I feel confident setting the boundaries that I need. I think any survivor would benefit from working with her because she is creating a space for survivors to end the isolations that comes with surviving your toxic family and breaking the cycles moving forward."

Julie M.

Trust me. I completely get what you're going through. 

I spent years trying to advance my healing journey by understanding why toxic people are the way that they are. This information could only get me through the starting stages of the healing journey. Once I passed that stage, it got really frustrating. 

You're learning all the psychology lingo - personality disorders, gaslighting, codependency. You start to feel like you have earned at least one degree in psychology, but you still don't know why you feel stuck. 

You're probably feeling disheartened by finding resources that are either insensitive to your survivor identity or are survivor driven but overly focused on understanding toxic people. 

But, here's the thing, friend...

There is a light at the end of this tunnel and soon you will be...

  • Focused on understanding who YOU are
  • Recognizing your own expertise without needing validation from folks like psychologists
  • Building a healing game plan that is completely tailored to your needs
  • Feeling seen and unbothered about whether others agree with your choices
  • Confident that you are doing the work that matters and is supportive of your long term goals. 
  • Experiencing the authentic joy of healing 

It's your turn to become the thriving survivor you know you are meant to be. You got this. 


We're a good match if: 

  • You love discovering new ways of thinking about your situation
  • You are ready to take the focus off of the toxic person and center your needs
  • You are open to discovering and changing behaviors that no longer serve you
  • You know that you have dealt with toxic people

We might not be a good fit if: 

  • You're looking to be fully healed overnight without any hard work
  • You aren't willing to see things from a new perspective
  • You refuse to take responsibility or take on too much responsibility for things that are not yours 
  • You've been diagnosed with a personality disorder

And now for those FAQ's...

How much does working with you cost?

Survivors often struggle with knowing their self-worth. One of the most concrete ways to show yourself that you are worthy of healing is to invest in tools and spaces that support you on the journey. I am happy to discuss your particular needs and circumstances in our discovery call. 

Are payment plans available?

At our discovery call, you and I will talk about a payment plan that works best for you. I do NOT charge interest for anyone who chooses to make use of the payment plan. 

Do you take insurance?

Since I am not a mental health professional (my PhD is in Philosophy), I do not take insurance.

How are sessions scheduled?

After payment is made, I will give you a link to my scheduling tool where you will be able to book your next call. If for some reason you need to cancel/reschedule a session, please do so at least 24 hours in advance. The confirmation emails you receive from the scheduling software will have a link to reschedule if the need arises. 


I've got the tools to help you take your healing journey to the next level. So tell me...

Are you ready to take the leap from self-doubting struggling survivor to thriving survivor who has unshakeable confidence in building the toxic-free life that they deserve?


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