Tired of overthinking and second-guessing keeping you from the generational cycle breaking you know you are capable of?

Hey cycle breaker, I see you. 

You have the eyes to see just how busted these established patterns of behavior are. 

You are compassionate and know that someone has to change these patterns for the better. 

You know in your heart that you are that person. You're the brave soul that's going to step up and say "I want us all to do better, and I'll lead the way."

But, when its time to get moving, your brain kicks into high gear. 

You start thinking about all the ways your peers are going to criticize you. You start wondering if you're making the right choice. Self-doubt starts creeping in and now you're paralyzed by this flood of overthinking. 

And rather than embrace that cycle breaking destiny you

  • fall back into old patterns because its easier
  • delay, if not cancel, your efforts to improve the situation
  • become skeptical that real change is possible
  • become frustrated at yourself for your complacency
  • become fearful of any criticism that reminds you of the problems of these established cycles

But you are incredibly brilliant and capable of being an agent of change. So why does overthinking and self-doubt have to stop you in your tracks? Surely there is a way to work through this?

Yes there is. 

Let me explain it to you. 

The reason overthinking leads to paralysis is not because your brain is sabotaging you. It's because you aren't feeding your brain the right stuff. 

You've been feeding your brain ideas from personal development and wellness gurus. 

These folks have some powerful ideas, but a lot of their work is designed to disconnect you from your own inner wisdom. 

Their continued business requires that you learn to mistrust your own mental abilities so that you will continue to seek out their generalized advice. 

Even when they speak directly to your journey as a cycle breaker, they encourage you to utilize their one-size-fits-all approach. 

And when that system can't keep up with your unique cycle breaking story, you begin to think you're the problem. 

But it doesn't have to be this way.


It is possible to ditch the gurus and pursue cycle breaking in a confident and authentic way free from the darkness of doubt and stress of overthinking. 

Enter Philosophical Coaching

Because learning to trust your inner wisdom requires

  1. Valuing your own expertise
  2. Training your intellectual powers to actually help you 
  3. Discovering that many of the world's greatest thinkers have your back

All of these things can be achieved through the power of philosophy. 

And I am here to guide you through it. 

Come with me. 

"Thanks to Louise I feel more capable and good about myself than ever before! I spent years seeking help from psychologists, therapists and coaches who didn’t believe my story, could not fully relate or who just didn’t care about me. I was so glad to find Louise because she gets it, she cares and she brought logic and focus into my chaotic, unstable life. I’m a work in progress but I’m so much closer to creating a life I thoroughly enjoy thanks to her help! "

Dana A.
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Philosophical Coaching 

Philosophical coaching isn't about implementing a one-size-fits-all approach to cycle breaking. 

It's about shift in your relationship with your own intellectual abilities. 

There are 5 major components to philosophical coaching. You'll need to know how to: 

  1. See yourself as the expert that you are. 
  2. Transform overthinking into productive systematic thought.
  3. Leverage the tools of reasoning to help you develop and defend your own ideas
  4. Find support for your ideas in the world's greatest thinkers
  5. Respond to any external or internal doubters that come your way. 

These 5 components are at the center of philosophical coaching for cycle breakers. 

They are designed to help you move through all forms of doubt and achieve unwaivering confidence in your cycle breaking efforts. 

Here's how it works. 

"I did several philosophical counseling sessions with Dr. Louise. At the start of our work together I was unsure of some of the boundaries I was setting up with my family, and by the end I was not only sure they were the correct next steps but I felt validated. Now, I feel confident setting the boundaries that I need. I think any survivor would benefit from working with her because she is creating a space for survivors to end the isolations that comes with surviving your toxic family and breaking the cycles moving forward."

Julie M.

You and I will meet one-on-one via zoom. 

You can sign up for a set amount of sessions or for unlimited support over a 3 month period.

After discussing your current challenge on your cycle breaking journey, I will help you identify exactly where doubt is impacting you the most. 

Together we will 

  • locate and connect with your inner expert

  • enhance your systematic reasoning skills

  • apply those reasoning skills to your unique cycle breaking journey

  • connect with the big name philosophers that support your cause

  • lay out your approach and exactly how you'll respond to the doubters

Philosophical coaching is magic because it will give you the tools to face your challenges as a cycle breaker forever. 

You will no longer need validation from others or stress out about whether you are doing the right thing. 

When we work together, you'll become equipped to SHOW yourself and others that you are absolutely on the right path. 

"Dr. Louise was very knowledgeable and easy to talk to, free of judgement. She asks those difficult introspective questions that you need to dig deep and push yourself to get your goals, and also helps you figure out what those goals are, as well as steps to get on track to meet them. "

Sarah L.
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My Story

I'm Dr. Louise, philosopher, entrepreneur, and generational cycle breaker. 

I started out studying philosophy while I was living with my two abusive parents. I was hungry for anything that would help me break free of the chaos of my home life. 

Studying Stoic Philosophy gave me the confidence to go no-contact with my abusive mother the day I turned 18. As I went to college, I decided to continue to explore the liberating power of philosophy. 

I ended up getting my Ph.D. in philosophy and finally gaining the confidence to break free of my father's abuse. 

I was all set to start my career as a university professor when I realized I needed to help others directly connect with the power of philosophy. 

In May of 2020, I started Empowerment Through Thought and have helped hundreds of folks confidently breakthrough dysfunctional cycles even when families, friends, and society at large were enforcing them. 

Today I thrive on connecting generational cycle breakers to the immense power of philosophy. 

The world needs people like you who are empowered to go against the norms for the better of us all, and you need philosophy to feel confident in the amazing work that you do. 

I am honored to be a part of so many cycle breaker's journeys. 

And I would be honored to be a part of yours too. 

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"I had never had an experience with a philosophical coach before so I was not sure what to expect. I was very pleasantly surprised. Louise listened carefully and helped me stay on point, She asked questions that helped me to focus on what I wanted, which helped me clarify my goals. I found this session to be extremely helpful. I highly recommend her."

Byrd Tetzlaff

You might be wondering

Not at all. Philosophical coaching is not a replacement for nor in conflict with mental health services

Absolutely! I do not assume that any of my clients have prior experience. I will walk you through everything you need to know. 

Yes! Upleveling your systematic reasoning skills will continue to help you flourish in your current cycle breaking as well as any future work you take on. 

Not exactly. You are the expert on your own journey, so you are the only person that can determine the next right action. However, philosophical coaching can help you develop and defend whatever you believe is the right thing. 

What happens once I apply?

I will personally review your application. 

If you're a good fit, I will send you a link to my calendar via email. 

Once you pick a day and time to meet, you'll be emailed a zoom link with your confirmation. 

We'll have a one-on-one 60 minute zoom call to talk about your cycle breaking journey and if philosophical coaching is something you want to pursue. 

If you decide yes, I'll send payment information and some paperwork. 

You'll then get access to my client calendar and you can book our first session! 

Right now there are two different ways you can work with me

When you click apply now, you can indicate which package you are interested in, and if you would like to use the payment plan option. I do not charge extra for payment plans. I simply pass on the additional fees my payment processor requires.

4 session package


One time payment

You may break up this package into two monthly payments of $620. 

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3 months unlimited


One time payment

You may break up this package into three monthly payments of $1,030.

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"Dr. Louise was my coach for three months. At the start of our work together I was going through a difficult time processing some boundaries I set up with my family of origin (very new for me!) while also navigating the start of a new job with vivid fears and anxiety stemmed from my previous abusive work environment. By the end of our coaching, I was feeling more validated in my feelings and more empowered to take even more risks. I was also positively surprised to see how much people at the new job seem to respect me and the boundaries I set up, more so than ever before. I used to always try to go along with people, especially at work so as to not "shake the boat" trying to match their wants and needs, which I believe in turn led to my abuse in my previous job. I feel now more ok to say no or what I truly believe even if people might not like it, which to me always sounded impossible before. I think the key point there is that she really helped me realize that my experience is as valid as anyone's, especially if people seem to dismiss it and/or don't want to acknowledge it. I think anyone dealing with toxic people and having difficulty asserting their needs/feelings would benefit from working with her."

J. M.

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