My Secret Weapon Against Toxic People

This weapon is incredibly potent, and the main reason it works: it helps you restore what the toxic people try to take away.

This weapon will give you strength even when the toxic person is trying to break you in every way possible.

This weapon is an absolute necessity for anyone who has to navigate toxic people.

Now this is a tool that most folks, even those outside of toxic relationships could benefit from BUT it is NOT NEGOTIABLE for those of us navigating toxic relationships. Why, you ask?

When you are in a relationship with a toxic person,

you are on the receiving end of an experience that is fundamentally designed to convince you that you are unloveable.

Toxic people grow their power by convincing you that you are weak and you need this toxic person in order to be even vaguely acceptable.

Spoiler: all of that nonsense they tried to teach you was and is total crap. You are worthy of love and happiness and all the good things you've only dreamed of. The toxic person was or is...

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Season 2: The Insider's Guide to Protecting Yourself Against Toxic People

Season 2 Officially Begins March 1st!  

Folks over on our Instagram voted on our topic of the month and they chose: "The Insider's Guide to Protecting Yourself Against Toxic People" 

In this Season, we are going to cover four different subtopics: 

My Secret Weapon Against Toxic People

Ancient Wisdom Applied to Defending against Toxic People

The Exact Survival Tool I Used To Defend Against Toxic People

An Unspoken Truth about Surviving Toxic People 

This season, we are switching things up a bit and going for more bite-sized content. To be get in all the goodies, be sure to check out our YoutubeInstagram and the Podcast 

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