Top 3 Reasons to go no-contact with Toxic people

Going no-contact with a toxic person means that you no longer have any form of communication with this individual. It is one of the biggest boundaries you can build when dealing with another person.

Its important to acknowledge that going no-contact is not the appropriate choice for everyone who is navigating toxic people. If you are co-parenting with a toxic person, or you are forced to be in a work environment with one, going fully no-contact may not be an available option.

If you’ve spent some time in the abuse recovery space, you probably have heard that going no-contact is the best solution to dealing with toxic people. And while this is the general advice, it can be detrimental to your overall well-being if you go no-contact before you are ready to.

I like to think of no-contact as the long-term goal for folks who are actively engaged with toxic people. Actually going no-contact takes a LOT of effort. For most folks, that effort is worth it, but you shouldn’t take...

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