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Welcome to the official blog for Empowerment Through Thought! 

I thought I'd kick off this new space with a bit of an introduction. 

My name is Louise Williams and I am the founder and CEO of this company! We are dedicated to helping survivors of toxic relationships create the life they deserve! 

I am currently wrapping up my Ph.D. in Philosophy and I have personally endured four toxic relationships in my life - 2 parents, 1 partner, and 1 mother in law. 

Like most folks getting a Ph.D. in philosophy, I was headed into a career as a University Professor. As I came toward the end of my studies, I realized I wanted to help with more than just writing essays. 

Today I am committed to helping folks survive some of the toughest relationships any human has to face. 

While it might not seem obvious, the tools of philosophy have proved truly invaluable to my own journey through toxic relationships. 

Philosophy gets a bad reputation for being a really...

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