What if there are no answers to your questions?

Empowerment Through Thought
What if there are no answers to your questions?

Philosophy is all about asking questions and connecting with the big deep questions.

And sometimes, we discover that we ask questions that simply don't have answers. 

What should we do then? 

In this audio clip, I share my process for what to do when you run out of answers. 

Here is the transcription: 


What happens if you get to a point where you like, don't have an answer to the question? Like you're like, almost like you ask a question and then it leads to another one and another one, and then you hit like a dead end and you're like, what do I do? 

Dr. Louise 

Yeah, that's a great question. So, in my own process, the things that help me in that space is to first of all take a break.

You know, some of the best philosophers in the world, they talk about how they'll be working on a Philosophical problem and, and they dead end, just like you described. And then they go take a shower. and in the shower, they're not thinking about it, right? They got music on, like they're just having a good time in the shower.

It will suddenly come to them that they missed something or that there's a different angle or that maybe they weren't asking the right question and another question is more important, right? So it's, it's actually getting the distance you need from the dead end to allow kind of your more creative energy to come in and help you work on it when you're not even thinking about it.


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