3 Reasons to Make Peace with Your Boundaries


If you are going to survive toxic people, you need to establish boundaries. But if you are going to thrive once those toxic people are out of your life, you need to make peace with those boundaries.   

Making peace is the only way to be so unshakably confident in your boundaries that no matter what people say to you, you will never feel doubt or regret about them.

I’m going to cover three different reasons that making peace with your boundaries is so important. Ok, let’s dive in!

You no longer worry about whether you could have or should have made different choices with your boundaries.

You have to take bold, potentially imperfect action when you establish boundaries. For most of us, there are a million what-if scenarios that we can spend our time worrying over. When you make peace with your boundaries, no matter how imperfect they may be, you no longer spend all that time and mental energy go over the what-ifs. You embrace your journey as your own, and you go through each day glad that your choices have made you who you are today.

You can feel authentically happy for folks who have healthy relationships in roles in that were filled by toxic people in your past.

Its easy to feel uneasy in situations with folks that center on how great their parent is, how they love their boss, or how amazing their partner is, when you have had really negative experiences with toxic people in those same roles. When we are not yet at peace with our boundaries, casual conversations about these kinds of relationships can lead us to getting immersed in the challenges of our own lives. This can make it very difficult for us to show up and be authentically happy for folks who have positive relationships. For me, I would find myself getting resentful when others would talk about how amazing their mother was when mine was such a disaster. Once I started to make peace with my boundaries, I was able to acknowledge the feelings these situations brought up and set them down. That peace allowed me to show up more authentically for folks who have very different relationships in their lives.

You are truly free to fully, openly, focus on you.

Without this peace, you are likely to still have lots of thoughts that center on the toxic person. These often get in the way of living the sort of life you want to pursue. You deserve to make choices based on who you are and what you want in life. Making peace with your boundaries makes that process easier.

If you are ready to feel truly at peace with your boundaries journey, I can help. I have built a six-week coaching program designed to help you be more confident and make peace with your boundaries. In this program, I will give you an easy to use five step process to help you integrate your boundaries into your core values. Once you have embraced just how necessary your boundaries are to living the life that you deserve, we will explore how you can navigate any doubt that creeps into your mind and how to resolve it. Because everyone’s journey through boundary setting is different, my course includes six one-on-one sessions with me, Dr. Louise! You can sign up to get all the latest information on the course here!

I love helping folks discover the power of making peace with their boundaries. It is an often-overlooked step in the boundaries process, and I know from my personal experience with two toxic parents, a toxic ex, and a toxic mother-in-law, that this step is one of the most important ones. I would love to chat with you about your journey navigating toxic people. If you pop over to my Instagram @empowermentthroughthought you can shoot me a DM and we can strike up a conversation today!

Thanks so much for spending some time with me today and I will catch you in the next one!


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