3 Tips For Talking to Family About Toxic People

(1) Don't expect them to understand

Unless these family members have previous experience with toxic people, they probably aren't going to understand what you are telling them. That doesn't mean you shouldn't talk to them. It just means you need to be prepared for them to say things that reveal they don't really understand.

(2) Let them know when you are seeking advice and when you just need to vent.

Family will often try to give you advice no matter what. Given most family members aren't really going to understand what you are dealing with, you may not want to hear their advice.

We all need safe spaces to vent, so if that's what you need from your family member, just let them know that before you launch into whatever toxic person thing you need to get off your chest. That can save you heartache and take some pressure off of the family member.

(3) Choose what you do and do not talk about

Because family members are often well-meaning but don't really get what is happening with toxic people, it's important that you curate the things you discuss with them.

If you are really raw and upset about something the toxic person in your life did to you, you need to take a moment before deciding whether to bring that to any specific family member.

The best topics to bring to family members are those that are not super raw. The more emotionally volatile you are feeling about the event or situation the harder it's going to be to accept if this family member says something that is well-meaning but ultimately hurtful.

If you are in need of a safe space to talk out the experiences you are having with a toxic person, I can help. I work one-on-one with survivors of toxic relationships to overcome brain fog and start living the life they deserve. Sign up for your free consultation here




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