10 Things You Didn't Know About Toxic People

1) Toxic people often go completely undetected by others.

This often causes those of us who know this person is toxic an immense amount of stress. Unfortunately, toxic people are really great at appearing non-toxic.

2) Toxic people are usually completely uninterested in or incapable of working on themselves

Improving yourself means acknowledging that you aren't perfect. That is not on the agenda for most toxic people.

3) All of us sometimes engage in toxic behaviors. Toxic people take that to a whole different level.

It's human to sometimes do toxic things; however, toxic people engage in this kind of behavior so often they don't even recognize that they are doing it.

4) Toxic people can often be high powered and successful individuals.

Although toxic people usually have a very low quality of life, they do not necessarily suffer in terms of their career aspirations or income goals.

5) Toxic people often attract other toxic people.

Good examples of this include the attraction between folks with narcissistic personality disorder and borderline personality disorder.

6) Toxic people love to control the people around them.

The more in control they are, the easier it is for them to make sure that everything is orchestrated just to their liking.

7) If you were raised by a toxic person, it may take decades into adulthood before you understand the full extent of the damage.

As kids we are often trained to accept that our house was functioning normally. It can take a long time to unpack the ways in which our childhood was challenging.

8) Not everyone thinks that people become toxic because of their own traumatic experiences.

There is a growing school of thought that folks especially with narcissistic personality disorder become that way more through choice than through their own difficult pasts.

9) Toxic people often care more about how others perceive them than how they actually treat the people in their lives.

For some, appearances really are all that matters.

10) You can overcome the damage caused by toxic people in your own life.

You may need support from folks like myself to do it, but it is absolutely possible. If you are ready to get the support you deserve, you can sign up for a free 15 minute consultation with me


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