Hello there, I'm Dr. Louise! 

I help the survivors of toxic parents build systems to feel understood, experience deep healing, and move forward from the past.

By the time I finished my Ph.D. in philosophy, I had nearly three decades of experience navigating toxic people including two toxic parents, a toxic ex, and a toxic mother-in-law. 

I knew that my training in philosophy was one of the major reasons I was able to not only survive those experiences, but actually thrive. 

Today I use the tools of philosophy and coaching to help struggling survivors forge their own path to thriving. 

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My Philosophy:

To become thriving survivors, we all must learn to honor our survivor identity in every goal we pursue.

So many survivor's experiences are characterized by cruelty. By choosing compassion, especially self-compassion, survivor's learn to prioritize their healing needs in every situation. 

Thriving survivors know the importance of playing the long game. This means we have to let go of perfection, keep our spirits up, and chip away at our healing goals. 

Self-understanding is critical to becoming a thriving survivor. When combined with being fully seen and supported by a fellow survivor, thriving is just within reach. 

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