Hello there, I'm Dr. Louise! 

I'm the only philosopher in the world fully dedicated to helping generational cycle breakers make the tough decisions needed for meaningful change.

By the time I finished my Ph.D. in philosophy, I had nearly three decades of rough and tough cycle breaking under my belt.

As the daughter of two abusive parents, I had more than my fair share of generational cycles to change. I had the opportunity to flex my decision making muscles even more when I ended up navigating an abusive ex-husband, and now an abusive mother-in-law. 

My cycle breaking work hasn't been limited to my personal life. As a Philosopher, I worked hard to break the cycles that prioritized the work of white male philosophers at the expense of women and people of color. This work lead me to study in Asia to discover, for myself, whether philosophy existed outside of the US and Europe. I discovered the rich philosophy found in the Buddhist tradition. I flexed my decision making muscles again when I decided to center Buddhist Philosophy in my academic work despite the overwhelming prejudice against this work in my field. 

As a fat person, I have had to push against the generational cycles of body shame and harmful dieting prevalent both in my family and society at large. Doing this well demanded, and continues to demand that, I make hard decisions about how I relate to my body and how I encourage others to relate to theirs. 

I know that my training in philosophy was one of the major reasons I was able to so effectively make the hard decisions required to bust through these harmful generational cycles.  

Today I use the tools of philosophy to help my fellow cycle breakers make the tough decisions that are needed for real meaningful change. 

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My Philosophy:

To create meaningful change in the cycles we find ourselves in, we all must learn to trust our inner philosophers.

Cycle breaking work is HARD. Everyday we have to commit to making tough decisions. The journey is long and the only way through is by generating compassion for ourselves and those we interact with along the way. 

Real meaningful change isn't some big flashy thing you do once and are done. It requires showing up, thinking deep, and a willingness to consistently commit to the tough decisions that get us there. 

Socrates famously said "The unexamined life is not worth living." I believe that we have to prioritize understanding ourselves and our circumstances in order to create meaningful change. 

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